Photodesk 4

Photodesk let you use Instagram on your Mac. Like, manage comments or followers, collect analytics, search for tags or places and open images fullscreen.

Manage Multiple Accounts

Photodesk lets you easily manage multiple Instagram accounts

Beautiful UI

Photodesk features a modern and sophisticated user interface. It makes use of the great new features in Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite


Photodesk allows you to bookmark everything on Instagram: Users, tags, places, and images. If you find something interesting, you can just store a bookmark.

Photodesk UI

Photodesk is optimized for a great Instagram experience on the Mac.

  • See and act on new comments or followers
  • Quickly switch between multiple Instagram accounts
  • Sort and filter the currently visible images. I.e. "Only videos, only with more than 10 likes"
  • Search Instagram for tags, users, places

Don't take just our word for it.

The best way to manage IG comments

See the comments you already replied to, 'star' comments for later review, filter comments by author, replied, stared, and much more. Emoji Popup that allows to easily insert Emoji, just like on iOS.

Compare our features

FeaturePhotoDeskOther Mac appsInstagram AppInstagram Web
View profiles
View liked images
View tags
Like, comment, browse
Reply to follow requests
See people tagged in images
See news
Cool Stuff
Power User Search & Filter
Multi-account support
Statistics & Insights
Slideshow images and image selections
Browsing History
Upload Images
Manage comments
Comment templates
See images on a map
Automatically sync your pictures
Photo Albums
Store images in albums
Save favorite user lists
Save favorite tag lists
Save favorite places lists
Structure favorites into folders
See favorite users' new images
* Limited by the amount of Likes, Comments, Follows, or Unfollows that Instagram allows per hour
** Please the relevant FAQ entry for the limitations of news in PhotoDesk

Photodesk Pro

PhotoDesk Professional is a one-time in-app purchase for Photodesk 4. Keep track of your accounts’ contents and Gain insights into your accounts’ performance with PhotoDesk Analytic features. You can also quickly manage comments from all accounts. Finally, Photodesk Pro also brings enhanced account management and news display functionality.

One screen to manage all comments from all your images

Manage all your comments in one easy-to-use UI. Star, reply, search, filter some or all comments from some or all your images.

Full multi-account support, so you can see all comments from all your Instagram accounts in one UI. Photodesk will automatically reply to each comment with the correct account that is associated to it.

Content Analysis

Content Analysis will give you insights into your own content. Which tags, mentions, or filters gained the most comments or the most likes. Which users are the most active commenters or likers on your images. Which images are highest rated and which images seem to continuously gain new likes.

Audience Measurement

Audience Measurement is the key to better content. See what your followers are sharing and what they're interested in. Which of your followers or commenters are big on Instagram, which tags are they using, which words, mentions and filters do they prefer.

Enhanced Multi-Accounts

If you have more than one account to manage, you will love these features. In Photodesk Pro, you can now star individual accounts to always appear at the very top of the account switcher. You can sort your accounts by name, last login, addition to Photodesk, media, followers, follows or star. You can even export and import whole accounts including their tag bookmarks, place bookmarks, and user bookmarks. Switching between different accounts has also been improved.


Photodesk comes in two varieties. The basic version is $6.99 while the update to Photodesk pro is available as an in-app purchase for $9.99



Photodesk Pro


  • Available as In-app purchase

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